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Maggie blows Burns away , what else do I have to say? They’ll never stop the Simpsons Have no fears, we’ve got stories for years Like, Marge becomes a robot Maybe Moe gets a cell phone Has Bart ever owned a bear? Or how ’bout a crazy wedding? Where something happens, and do-do-do-do-do Sorry for the clip show Have no fears, we’ve got stories for years Groundskeeper Seamus: This be your doing Willie, I’ll turn your groin to puddin’ Groundskeeper Willie: Ach, you speak like a poet, but you punch like one too! Don’t you hate carpet stores that charge extra for the under padding?

Celebrate The Simpsons season 30 with its 5 best episodes

Timeline The following is a list of the episode titles and summaries of FOX ‘s longest-running animated sitcom The Simpsons , centered on a dysfunctional family living in a nameless state and trying to deal with modern life. The show was created by Matt Groening who also did Life in Hell and, later, Futurama and is considered one of the most memorable, quotable, celebrated, studied, imitated, and revered animated series in the history of American television.

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I liked seeing Moe and Smithers team up in an episode that you would never expect from the show, as we see Moe’s Tavern get turned in to a gay bar, the scenes where Moe pretends he is gay himself and particularly the scene towards the end where he runs for politics is very funny. The episode struggles with who it’s lead character is, it goes to Smithers at the beginning, then moves to Homer and Marge for a bit, and finally to Moe, it should have had its focus on one character throughout, and I think that should have been Smithers, it is rare to see him lead an episode and I was excited about it, but then it goes to Moe, someone who has plenty of episodes centred on him.

The side story was the highlight of the episode for me, the connection between Bart and Skinner was brilliant here, and his desperate attempts to win over the new music teacher was very fun, and she was terrifcly voiced by Alyson Hannigan. Funny and straight forward, Flaming Moe is a very enjoyable Simpsons episode. When Smithers convinces Moe to change his tavern into a gay bar, he pretends he’s gay to blend in, meanwhile, a replacement music teacher for Mr Largo starts dating Principal Skinner.

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Best Moe Szyslak Centered Episodes In the Simpsons

Homer Simpson[ edit ] Homer Simpson is the father of Bart. However, their relationship is often changing in many ways. Bart often refers to his father as “Homer” rather than “dad”. Whenever Bart does something Homer disagrees with, Homer strangles him. However, he still loves his son and deep down, Bart still loves his father. Marge Simpson[ edit ] Marge is the mother of Bart and, although she embarrasses him a lot, he still loves her.

The Simpsons Moe Szyslak / Chief Wiggum / Carl / Lou / Comic Book Guy / Apu / Apu Nahasapeemapetilon / Superintendent Chalmers / Carl Carlson / Cletus / Kirk Van Houten / Snake / Professor Frink / Bumblebee Man / Wiseguy / Dr. Nick Riviera / Prof. Frink / Captain McAllister / Disco Stu / Old Jewish Man / Luigi / Drederick Tatum / Duffman / Cletus Spuckler / Sea Captain / Captain .

Advertisements Personality Moe is the owner and operator of his bar, called ” Moe’s Tavern “. His most loyal customer is Barney Gumble. Moe usually serves Duff beer on tap. He enthusiastically abandons his bar, its regular customers, and his friends when a better opportunity comes along, such as the drink ” The Flaming Moe “, the opening of his postmodern bar ” m “, the conversion of his bar into a family-themed restaurant called Uncle Moe’s Family Feedbag and a British themed pub with Marge called the Nag and Weasel.

Moe is often engaged in shady or illegal activities at his tavern, including smuggling pandas and orcas , hosting Russian roulette games, operating an unlicensed casino , serving liquor without a license the liquor license he had was from , signed by Moe himself, and only valid in Rhode Island , running a speakeasy during Springfield’s brief flirtation with prohibition , performing unlicensed surgery , and housing Africanized bees.

Moe’s temperament is characterized by a short, violent temper, coupled with homicidal and suicidal tendencies the latter of which has become more apparent in later episodes of the show.

Eeny Teeny Maya, Moe

The problem is that Wayne is connected to the Ukrainian Mafia October 2, This episode is the first to feature Superintendent Chalmers as the central character and Chalmers’ flashbacks references the films The Breakfast Club and Fight Club. Principal Skinner challenges Superintendent Chalmers to get Bart to be excited about learning something

12 days ago · But, here, there’s no room for Moe’s infatuation with Anastasia to function as anything other than a contrivance, as he goes from mopey rejection, to heartsick longing (once she starts dating Krusty), to an abortive wedding, scuttled when it’s discovered that .

Biography Maya first met Moe on an online dating chat room. Moe joked around, saying “Please tell me you’re not some creepy old man sitting in a public library!?! Then Maya asked for a photo of Moe after sending her own image. Initially Moe thought he wouldn’t “daresnt” open her image, but he did, and then sent a picture of himself. Moe thought he’d make himself look less ugly by giving himself black tie, but then said he couldn’t “start a relationship based on a lie, that’ll come later!

Initially Moe thought that Maya hadn’t showed up because he looked outside, at normal height, and saw no one, until she revealed herself as a tiny dwarf. Despite this, Moe fell for Maya, even though he had anti dwarf posters in his bar and a copy of Little Women and they went on a few dates at the local Italian restaurant and overlooking Springfield city. However, Maya got curious as to why Moe hadn’t introduced her to his friends.

Moe actually believed Maya lived in a tree on a trip to her house. Moe thought Lenny, Carl and Homer would punt her around and shove Maya out the door with brushes, so he didn’t want to show her to them. However, he did think Homer was relatively harmless so he showed Maya to him and went on a double date with Maya, Marge and Homer. Homer began to ask Maya a question – Moe believed it to be related to her height – but to Moe’s relief it was a typical Homer question “How is electricity generated in a power plant?

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John Travolta flew me in his jet. Now I have to help him move next weekend. He deliberately waited ’til we were in the air to ask me! We killed Mel Gibson!

Moe Szyslak is a fictional character on the long running TV show The Simpsons. His voice is performed by Hank Azaria he is the bartender of Moe’s Tavern. He speaks with a rough voice.

Eeny Teeny Maya, Moe is the sixteenth episode of Season Contents [ show ] Synopsis Moe develops an Internet relationship with a beautiful woman named Maya. When the two agree to meet face to face, Moe is suprised to discover that Maya is three feet tall. Meanwhile, Marge wants Homer to spend more time with Maggie.

Homer obliges and finds himself in luck when he discovers a day care center right next to Moe’s Tavern. Moe is cleaning up the bar for a date, and finds out he actually has a window, which was previously obscured by layers of grime. Outside the window is a playground, which Homer sees as an opportunity for watching Maggie while spending time at Moe’s. Homer sends Maggie to play with the other babies outside, but they torment her for unknown reasons.

Marge notices Maggie is uncomfortable when she returns home one day, and becomes worried that Homer is neglecting her. After watching a commercial about a surveillance camera placed in the eye of a teddy bear, Marge purchases a spy camera which she attaches to Maggie’s hair band and discovers that Maggie is being bullied by a group of gangster babies.

Moe Szyslak

Oh wait that was me. Homer Jay Simpson, Sr. Homer is overweight, lazy, and often ignorant to the world around him. Although Homer has many flaws, he has shown to have great caring, love, and even bravery to those he cares about. He served as the main protagonist of both the TV series and the film. Homer works as a low level safety inspector at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant in Sector 7G , although he is often incompetent and negligent towards his duty.

Fans of The Simpsons got a taste of life in Springfield after a local bar transformed itself into Moe’s Tavern. The Nickel City bar in Austin, Texas, underwent an epic makeover in tribute to Homer.

Poster boy for this trope. He’s dumped radioactive waste at public parks and playgrounds, sold weapons to the Nazis, stolen a trillion dollars in foreign aid money from the U. Listen, Spielbergo, Schindler and I are like peas in a pod! When he takes Bart on as his heir, Burns tries to mold Bart in his image. It nearly worked, if Burns hadn’t tried to fire Homer.

He has to brainwash Santa’s Little Helper to retrain him as a guard dog. He once had a plan to block out the sun permanently. Towards Marge, when she briefly works at the nuclear power plant. D’oh” it turns out that while Burns technically runs the power plant, he named a canary as the “real” head of the plant to protect him from taking responsiblility for the plant’s wrongdoings. After Homer let the canary go, Burns eventually became the real head of the plant.

While it varies Depending on the Writer , he is occasionally shown to legitimately care about Smithers as a person.

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