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It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. Change It wasn’t trendy , funny, nor was it coined on Twitter , but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined Unlike in , change was no longer a campaign slogan. But, the term still held a lot of weight. Here’s an excerpt from our Word of the Year announcement in The national debate can arguably be summarized by the question: In the past two years, has there been enough change?

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To detect, trace and eliminate errors in computer programs. Users must either specify which of these keys they wish to use, or set their communication software to match whichever key the network expects. Supports booting workstations and other devices that need information from outside before they can complete the booting process, such as an IP number or name of program file to download.

Typically, you use a dictionary file and a datafile together with statistical software; the statistical software uses the dictionary so that you may specify variables by name, rather than having to specify their locations in the file. Files written with direct access do not have to be read sequentially starting at the beginning.

First of all, we will look for a few extra hints for this entry: Discovery location?. Finally, we will solve this crossword puzzle clue and get the correct word. We have 1 possible solution for this clue in our database.

Have a bad case of the blahs? Boredom has a tendency to squelch creativity, leaving you stuck in a rut and staring into space. What to do when bored: Take a walk outside and get some fresh air. If you want added excitement, give the app Zombies, Run! It transforms your walk, jog, or run into a mission to save the humanity from a zombie apocalypse.

If you prefer to be on wheels, riding a bike or taking a drive around the neighborhood is also a great option. There are quite a few videos you can access through YouTube. Make an effort today and ensure that all beds in the house are made up. Do the dishes or run the dishwasher. Do and fold the laundry. Ticking every accomplished task off your queue will give you the satisfaction as well as the drive to do more.

You can check YouTube for arrangement how-to videos or Pinterest for design inspiration. Organize more efficiently by downloading a wardrobe app like Stylebook.

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A 2-Pole relay will contain 2 separate contacts. The square relay pinout shows how the relay socket is configured for wiring. This pinout image is only a 2-pole diagram for room on the page purposes, but you can get the picture here with this one since a 3-pole will just have 1 more set of contacts. As you can see, there is absolutely no difference between the square type and the round type other than the ratings on the relay.

17ah 12v Battery Volt Battery Warranty 12 Volt Scooter Batteries 17ah 12v Battery Chevy Volt Battery Size Small Compact 12 Volt Batteries Your first purchase digital camera should come with some extras such being a casing, memory and batteries.

Equality of voltage and current between the primary and secondary sides of a transformer, however, is not the norm for all transformers. If the inductances of the two windings are not equal, something interesting happens: What we have here is a device that steps voltage down by a factor of ten and current up by a factor of ten: Figure below Turns ratio of This is a very useful device , indeed.

With it, we can easily multiply or divide voltage and current in AC circuits. At either end both the generator and at the loads , voltage levels are reduced by transformers for safer operation and less expensive equipment. A transformer that increases voltage from primary to secondary more secondary winding turns than primary winding turns is called a step-up transformer.

Conversely, a transformer designed to do just the opposite is called a step-down transformer. Figure below Transformer cross-section showing primary and secondary windings is a few inches tall approximately 10 cm. This is a step-down transformer, as evidenced by the high turn count of the primary winding and the low turn count of the secondary. As a step-down unit, this transformer converts high-voltage, low-current power into low-voltage, high-current power.

The larger-gauge wire used in the secondary winding is necessary due to the increase in current. In case you were wondering, it is possible to operate either of these transformer types backwards powering the secondary winding with an AC source and letting the primary winding power a load to perform the opposite function:

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All this could have provided the ‘meat’ for the story; but the fact that it’s actually the prologue for events to come places Big Jim in the category of a novel with much more to offer than the singular story of a safari-type business gone awry, when an American journalist seeking a story of the big game hunting experience entices Big Jim to return to the bush. From the dangers of a rogue Cape buffalo whom villagers believe to be infused with an evil spirit to Mary’s awakening not just about the methods of game hunting, but the politics of game management and encounters in Africa, Big Jim is replete with undercurrents of social change, wildlife management, and hunting politics and is thus a recommendation for readers who want more than a singular action novel.

The ideal reader of Big Jim will be one who wants a setting steeped in African history and politics, who will appreciate a hunter’s perspective as well as insights on wildlife management processes and challenges, and who desires all this couched not in your usual nonfiction format; but in a novel replete with insights on relationships and motivations. The ‘you-are-there’ action captures attention “The first slug struck the cat in the side of the head, blowing out its left eye.

The second slug entered the animal’s ear and blew open its fleshy, heavily-maned top of the head where its skull would be if the lion had a skull to mention. The simba roared and collapsed its full weight on Big Jim and clamped shut its jaws.

Computer hookup? – Last Seen: 10 March | Wall Street Journal You must thinking, how could I have not of thought of this before All the answers through our website are based on a smart database system that provides the answers to all crossword puzzles.

When you troubleshoot your EdenPure Heater you will be diagnosing what is wrong with the heater so you can fix it and have nice warm heat again. Sometimes the problem is as easy as plugging the heater in because someone has accidently unplugged it, or sometimes the problem is a little more advanced like you may need to change one of the infrared bulbs inside of the unit.

If you have any troubleshooting tips for others that you have learned along the way or need help yourself you can leave your questions and comments on the bottom of this Edenepure Heater TroubleShooting Repair Guide. Sometimes the cord can get unplugged by accident by someone else in the household. If the cord is plugged in you will also want to make sure that the circuit breaker has not been tripped. After you have made sure that the circuit is good and the EdenPure is plugged in you will now want to make sure you have no drafty doors or windows.

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Below is the solution for Paradigm crossword clue. This clue was last seen on Nov 27 in the Premier Sunday crossword puzzle. While searching our database we found 1 possible solution matching the query “Paradigm”.

Save extra cable box and monthly fees Saves you the additional cable boxes or extra monthly fees by sending Cable TV wirelessly to another room. No wires to run, no holes to drill Wirelessly go through walls, floors, doors and windows and you can easily watch Cable, DVDs, TiVo, Direct TV, and satellite from any source in another room without Wires or cables. RF Channel Synchronization Automatically synchronizes the wireless frequency between the transmitter and the receiver, making it easier to reduce interference from other wireless devices.

Extra receivers available to transmit to multiple TVs With the purchase of additional receivers, you can transmit to multiple TVs or other components throughout your home. Eliminate the interference 4 selectable frequencies to eliminate the interference. RF Channel Synchronization will automatically synchronize the wireless frequency between the transmitter and the receiver, making it easier to reduce interference from other wireless devices AITech Wireless Cable TV Turn your hard-wired cable TV connection into a wireless video transmission system!

Just connect the Transmitter to your analog cable and the Receiver to a TV in another room that doesn’t have a cable connection. Just like that, you can enjoy watching all your analog channels anywhere you want to put a TV. It’s easy to set up and use. If you can hook up a DVD player, you can handle this project. If desired, I would also like to view my Digital Channels and control the entire operation of the Digital Box from my remote TV location. If we have described your application, the Wireless Cable TV is the right product for you.

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You might listen to music, talk radio or books on tape while you work — but a woodshop is a harsh place for standard radios or stereo systems. Wafting sawdust can ruin a good stereo system; accidentally spearing a speaker with a wayward plank will kill the music. Jobsite radios are designed to withstand the bumps and knocks that can happen in transit or at a worksite or workshop.

They can play music from a smartphone or MP3 player, and some can even connect wirelessly via Bluetooth. Fortunately, jobsite radios are designed to handle the rigors of everyday use in a dusty environment and withstand their share of bangs and bumps. I was anxious to review the features and test the performance of the latest crop of jobsite radios.

ing or elegant household items that will demonstrate your fine eye for detail. LIBRA (Sept. Oct. 22): hookup, briefl y 20 apperTr 21 2, in letters 22 Bank letters 23 Share a border with New York Times crossword and the bridge column appear in the classifi eds. See A1 index for page number. 8/25/

Usually employed nowadays by Union News Co. Edison, the inventor, was a news butcher in his youth and became deaf when a conductor boxed his ears for accidentally starting a fire while experimenting in a baggage car near Smith Creek, Mich. Operator can hand it on a hoop or delivery fork as the train slows down. Close the gate means to close the switch after the train has passed it O. Pig-mauler is locomotive engineer; pigpen locomotive roundhouse.

Pin-lifter is yard brakeman. Pinner is a switchman that follows. Pin-puller is a switchman that cuts off cars from a train. Also throttle of old-style locomotive; hence engineers were known as plug-pullers. Plugging her means using the reverse lever as a brake instead of the air. Unlike regular sidetracks, the derail ends relatively abruptly on flat trackless land instead of curving back onto the main line.

A rawhider, or slave driver, delights in causing someone to do more than his share of work. Term coined about by George H. The hobo would place a board across truss rods under a car and ride on it.

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