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Select Page Public Housing The Public Housing PH program is a subsidized housing program which allows qualified participants the opportunity to rent housing units that are owned by Ithaca Housing Authority with assistance from the U. Waiting List The need for rental assistance in Tompkins County outweighs the funding that is provided to us from HUD, so therefore IHA uses a waiting list to administer program assistance to qualified applicants as it becomes available.

The first step to apply for Public Housing PH assistance is to complete a preliminary waiting list application. PHAs are permitted to establish local preferences and to give priority to serving families that meet those criteria.

One end of the swing joint screws into the bottom of the sprinkler head and the other end screws into the pipe fitting underground. Allows the sprinkler head to be raised up or down and moved left or right to a perfect position and height. Therefore, it makes installing .

Order within 1 hrs 00 mins for same-day shipping. How to Connect Your Sprinkler Head to the Underground Pipe There are a few different ways to connect a sprinkler head to the underground piping. All three methods will result in the sprinkler head being connected to the pipe, however, swing joints result in the ability to quickly raise or lower the head if needed in the future. Once you understand the benefits of swing joints, you will never use a cut-off nipple again!

Hunter Pre-made Swing Joints: If you’ve experienced trouble installing sprinklers to correct finish grade because you can’t find the right riser length Also, the Hunter Swing Joint is the simple way to adjust a hard-to-place sprinkler to its proper height and position in mere seconds. This versatile creation is available in two different versions – for new installations or for retrofits – and, with a simple twist of the wrist, either can install to virtually any position, making it the ideal option to add to sprays and rotors at any time.

This is an innovative product you won’t want to pass up!

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How to Adjust Distance on Orbit Professional Sprinklers Dry summers in a drought require water rationing to homes, leaving lawns to turn brown and dry. The best time to irrigate your lawn is in the morning when the air is cool and moist. This timing prevents the water from evaporating into the atmosphere. Add 8 inches to the diameter.

In this helpful video, we’ll show you the steps to a perfect sprinkler system installation, including trenching, connecting the water source, installing shut-off valves, working with PVC pipe, building a valve manifold, connecting wires, installing sprinklers and flushing your system.

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How to Install Your Own Sprinkler System

Tarpon Springs, FL V. Yes Roll-under sink s: Welcome Home to this custom built home right out of the chapters of a romantic novel.

Wherever a pipe branches off to a sprinkler head, splice in tee fittings, then attach a short length of flexible piping, which will connect to the sprinkler head. Where a pipe connects to drip-irrigation tubing, attach an upturned elbow, a short vertical pipe, and a pressure reducer with a microfilter.

What you want to know about fire sprinkler systems 1 QUESTION – All sprinkler heads in the building go off at the same time causing water to flow where there is no fire? Smoke alarms, when activated, give only an audible warning sound, they do not cause fire sprinklers to flow water. ANSWER – A residential sprinkler system can extinguish a fire in the room of fire origin’s with less than gallons of water. If there is no sprinkler system, then it will take over gallons of water from fire department hoses on average to fight the same fire that was now spread out of the room of fire origin.

ANSWER – Smoke alarms provide early warning for building occupants but they do not ensure a safe exit from the building. ANSWER – This is a dangerous and misleading statement that is many times made on the basis that smoke alarms will awaken the people in the home and they will then get the fire extinguisher to put out the fire. Citizens should only use fire extinguishers to fight small incipient fires. The number one priority when you hear a smoke alarm or a fire alarm is to get all members of the family out of the building.

How to Calculate Lawn Irrigation Water Usage and Costs

There may be no power or improper voltage going to the motor. If so, check the Electrical Circuit and Connection Diagram or proper connection of power to controller. Check voltage supply to ensure voltage to motor is or volts as specified for model type. Your clock motor may be turning but the time dial is not turning.

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If you have an air compressor you can do the job yourself and save the hefty service fee. Then remove the plug on the blow-out port and screw in a quick-connect hose adapter. Snap on the air hose and connect the other end to the compressor. With a basic quick-connect coupling, you can use your air compressor to clear water from your sprinkler system for the winter.

But you can probably blow it out zone by zone. Otherwise, just rent a cfm compressor and hose from your local tool rental center. Set the compressor air pressure regulator to a maximum of 80 psi for rigid PVC pipe systems, or 50 psi for flexible black polyethylene pipe. Then turn off the water supply and set the system timer to open just one zone. Next, open the manual drain valve at the end of that zone if equipped.

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Orbit Sprinkler valve manifold combines several valves in a single unit. Whether you have a simple sprinkler system or a complex one with five or more circuits, each circuit must be controlled by its own sprinkler control valve. Arrange your system so that each circuit controls a specific portion of your yard. For example, one may be used to control an array of micro-sprinklers or drip emitters for a flowerbed and containers.

Measure your water flow rate to determine the size pipe that should run from your supply source to the control valves.

2 RESIDENTIAL SPRINKLER SYSTEM Design Guide INTRODUCTION This booklet is intended to be used when designing and installing small single family residential sprinkler systems. It is set up in an easy-to-follow format with illustrations and.

Smart Home How to build a simple, smarter lawn sprinkler system for less If an expensive and complex lawn irrigation system is out of reach, here’s a setup that gets the job done for a fraction of the price. Build an automatic lawn sprinkler system on the cheap 1: Unless you’re committed to spending hours each week on hose duty, tackling this chore is a tall order. You can splurge thousands on an underground irrigation system, but if that’s out of the question, there is another way.

All you’ll need for this lawn-watering setup are an outdoor faucet, a garden hose, a few off-the-shelf parts, and one remarkable sprinkler gadget. The problem with lawns Actually there’s not one but many. The biggest obstacle to good lawn health is a lack of regular watering.

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Same day Sprinkler System Installs! We offer the same reliable quality and service all in the same day on select systems call now or contact us online to learn more! Commercial Irrigation Systems Irrigation system for a business Our in-depth knowledge and our advanced irrigation expertise put us in a position to design a better irrigation system in Tampa Bay.

This means we install high-quality sprinkler systems that will last longer and provide optimum water coverage performance.

By connecting a “Y” shaped hose connector to your hose bib, also called a faucet, you’ll also be able to use the bib for hooking up a sprinkler for the kids without disturbing your sprinkler system.

Include location of house, driveways, walkways, paths, fences, walls, structures, planters, patios, flower beds, shrubbery and lawn areas see diagram 1 b. Shade in all area to be covered by water: Indicate water supply locations: Select and position your sprinkler heads. It identifies the major types of standard heads, gives their uses and gallons per minute GPM , tells what patterns are available, and suggests correct spacing requirements.

This is a general chart. Begin graphing large lawn areas. Place quarter circle heads in the corners. Place half circle heads between corners, following recommended equal distant spacings refer to Product Guide.

How to build a simple, smarter lawn sprinkler system for less

Both sides have dug in resulting in a cats and dogs situation where neither considers the point-of-view of the other. An incredibly important and rarely mentioned fact is fire sprinkler systems actively help pay for themselves through lower insurance premiums. In , the National Association of Home Builders NAHB , conducted a study to determine exactly how beneficial fire sprinkler systems were in relation to home owners insurance. The results were very encouraging.

In each state, the NAHB contacted either the state insurance departments or individual insurance firms to determine what, if any, discount was offered to homes owners with fire sprinkler systems.

The K-Rain Pro-S series sprinkler with pre-installed check The K-Rain Pro-S series sprinkler with pre-installed check valve is designed to provide long life and outstanding performance. These sprays are distinguished by robust construction rugged body and cap co-molded wiper seal and heavy-duty retraction spring.

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How to install a Rain Bird 1804 sprinkler head.